Make 3

drawing drawing
  • uses old dynamixel RX28 servos.
  • 18 dof
  • RPLidar A1 2d Lidar
  • Jetson Xavier NX
  • Intel Realsense d455 depth camera
  • runs openshc ROS package (
  • tip ground contact sensors (tactile switches) using rosserial_arduino
  • wrote a ROS node that publishes the tip sensor data in a format openshc understands.
  • want to make it into a decent rough terrain crawler
  • servos seem to reach thermal limit quickly - added fans to motors
  • 2d and 3d slam using a 2d lidar and a depth camera with hector mapping and rtabmap packages


Indoor 3d SLAM with d455 and exploring various sensor data

Here I manually control the hexapod with a ps4 controller around the room. ROS master node is running on the bot on a Jetson NX. It has a 2D lidar and a Realsense depth camera. It runs the openshc package for hexapod control, and rtabmap for 3D SLAM. Visualization is done on a desktop machine on the same network.

Long video of testing the admittance controller

Short screen capture of exploring variables on rviz/rqt

Outdoor flat forest floor traverse test

Some Pictures

Side by side with Make 2
Close up
Visualization of topic data from openshc with rqt and rviz
Added fans
Silicon anti slip cap (and the mould)