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Inspired by Smallp Tsai’s hexapod v2.1 video


drawing drawing


  • used a raspberry pi zero sized board
  • has an IMU
  • 24 dof
  • control software written in python using numpy, scipy, servo controller library.
  • 4dof legs -> no analytical solution for inverse kinematics. Implemented an iterative method for 4dof leg IK solution. Also can use an optimizer from scipy.optimize.
  • basics of the endeffector position based control algorithm code in this jupyter notebook
  • power system is janky - sometimes when the servos draw too much power at once, the sbc reboots.
  • learned to use Fusion360 to design parts needed using a 3D printer.
  • parts:
    • banana pi zero
    • 7x buck converter
    • GY210 IMU
    • 2s lipo
    • 24x towerpro MG90B servos
    • 2x 12ch pwm controller board
  • one buck converter provides 5v to the sbc
  • the servo controller boards get power from sbc
  • four servos (one leg) get power from one buck converter
  • sbc, servo controller boards, and the IMU talk through i2c


drawing drawing drawing drawing


3 DoF Legs

4 DoF Legs